BASCA relaunches with Studio Dempsey look

The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters is this week relaunching under an identity created by Studio Dempsey.

Studio Dempsey founder and former CDT Design director Mike Dempsey explains that a ‘subtle’ name change prompted the need for a new identity.

‘The current name doesn’t trip off the tongue as an acronym, so it has been changed to the British Academy of Songwriters Composers and Authors. It needed a new identity to support that [change],’ says Dempsey.

The organisation, which jointly presents the Ivor Novello awards with the Performing Rights Society each year, contacted Dempsey directly last October and asked him to present proposals for the project, having seen the work he did for the Royal Society of Arts.

The identity alludes to musical connections without being overt. According to Dempsey, the academy wanted to create a ‘one-colour unique device, to be used wherever it goes’.

He adds, ‘For me, the symbols used within an identity have to be simple. It may well be that they are used in a tiny newspaper advertisement, and if it doesn’t survive in that environment, then it reflects badly on the organisation. Start with the worst-case [application] scenario and go from there.’

The London-based consultancy has styled the academy’s website graphics, as well as creating all print materials around the identity, including letterheads and stationery. Studio Dempsey has also had input into the organisation’s magazine.

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