BDI and Design Council share the same goals

Regarding the recent discussions between British Design Innovation and the Design Council, referred to in your article (News, DW 26 February), I’d like to make the following comments:

I was present at the BDI/Design Council meeting on 11 February. It was highly constructive and focused on key issues.

There has been no pressure from my sector of the strategic design industry on the council to become a trade association.

Strategic designers and innovators are on the same page as the Design Council regarding the message that design thinking and robust innovation processes are key to commercial growth.

However, there is an acknowledgement that the Design Council’s role is to develop demand for our insight, skill and knowledge, while the various trade-related organisations are there to support best practice in procurement, provide a conduit to practitioners and inform Government and educational bodies.

Also, there is the added function of top level deal-making, IP commercialisation, relationship brokerage, innovation filtration and design advisory support.

Gus Desbarats’ comments about lack of detail in the Designing Demand programme relate to the lack of clarity with respect to the procurement and engagement of designers.

In your article, BDI was incorrectly described as an exchange forum for designers, businesses and academics to trade intellectual property.

BDI fills an unmet need as a trade association and business development power house for the top end of the strategic design sector, particularly with respect to innovation.

Much of the Design Council’s activity relates to implementing the requirements of the Cox Review. Most BDI members and the BDI directorates are natural partners with the council in the Cox roll-out.

Jonathan Butters,  Principal innovation and design consultant, Butters Innovation, by e-mail

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