Free pitching can provide opportunities for some

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I admire professionals who act on their convictions. That’s why I respect Jan Hildebrand, and those who wish to initiate the “anti free pitching” movement (Letters, DW 6 November).

However, it’s time for a reality check. At the best of times, persuading a potential client to pay for the honour of having a consultancy pitch for its business borders on impossible. “Impending recession” is the headline now blaring out from the business periodicals. Which budget will most organisations trim next? Read the financial press and you’ll find it’s a toss-up between design/marketing and training. I’m not saying this is right. It’s just reality.

I agree that pitches are expensive. However, so are salaries, rent and so on. It’s called the cost of doing business.

Stick to a “no fee – no pitch” policy, and chances to illustrate your people’s talent will drastically diminish. My designers like to create. We like to pitch. We like to win. Our consultancy is willing to invest its time and money – and go against design industry leaders – to prove that it can deliver. To us, being invited to pitch is an honour. The expense is a calculated investment, not a throw-away cost.

George Martino


Storm Strategic Design


Wiltshire BA15 1NF

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