Regal Hotel revamps as Corus

The Regal Hotel Group has unveiled its new identity, designed by The Partners as part of a wide-ranging overhaul of the client’s brand.

The revamp includes new interiors, corporate identity, uniforms and company name, Corus.

The name was created by CLK.MPL subsidiary The Brandnaming Company and goes live on 1 March. At the same time, the new identity will be applied to signage, stationary and literature and will initially be implemented at 12 of Regal’s 101 hotels.

Hotel interiors will be designed by a number of consultancies and will incorporate aspects of the new branding. Lumsden Design Partnership confirms it is one of the interiors groups involved in the project.

The Regal name will be retained “in some capacity which is not at all customer facing”, says The Partners partner James Beveridge.

“We worked on the strategy and identified Regal’s core values as being friendly, witty, fresh, uplifting, unpretentious, local, different and special. These values will be applied across the board, including customer service,” Beveridge adds.

Beveridge says the project supersedes an earlier one the group worked on with Lumsden Design Partnership, for the Regal-owned Coaching Inns chain (DW 25 July 1997).

“The hotel sector is characterised by a few monolithic brands and customers are getting fed up with getting the same service and the same materials wherever in the world they go. We have played up the individuality of each hotel, while creating a strong and dependable brand that people can rely on,” says Beveridge.

The Corus brand will be used alongside the existing name and design of each hotel in its portfolio. In the past the parent brand has been applied inconsistently across its hotel portfolio, says Beveridge.

The strategy of creating a strong parent identity, while playing up each hotel’s individuality, is similar to the recent Hilton rebranding, created by Enterprise IG (DW 3 July).

Full implementation of the Corus brand is expected to take around a year.

Rhodes Design has created the literature for London Bridge Hotel, a new hotel which opened in the capital last month.

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