12 November 2009

Graham Hales


What can the new and devolved banking brands do to instil confidence in their customers?

Founding father

Referring to an artist as ‘the Walt Disney of Japan’ and ‘the God of manga’ conjures high expectations. The late Osamu Tezuka wore the appellations well. An illustrator, writer, animator, trained doctor, designer and entrepreneur, he created two companies, dozens of animated films and series, and more than 150 000 pages of comic art in […]

Graham Wall

An investment in your future

Now is not the time to cut back on graduate training – but make sure you have a scheme in place to discover the best talent, says Graham Wall

Golan Levin’s

Phase 2.0

With digital technology so embedded in our daily lives, designers are now free to move on and embrace the challenges of interactivity and user-generated content. Mike Exon explores the potential of this brave new world

CJ O’Neill

Cracking glazes

Even though some of the classic Stoke-on-Trent potteries have closed, there’s a boom in contemporary ceramics at the moment. Dominic Lutyens gets all fired up over some edgy crockery that nods to the heritage of the craft with gentle irony

Mark Farrow

Profile – Mark Farrow

He made his name with minimalist album covers for bands like the Pet Shop Boys, and now Mark Farrow is set to join the establishment as a Royal Designer. Mike Dempsey explores the graphic specialist’s DNA

If it’s not recyclable, pack innovation has no long-term value

A couple of weeks ago you ran a story on Constellation Europe’s wine packaging (www. designweek.co.uk, 20 October). Clever it may be, but designing packaging today is surely about ‘reducing, recycling and reusing’. Although the components of a product like this may be individually recyclable, it is how the combined materials are disposed of by […]

Hmmm. Would that nice Mr Rankin do us a free shoot?

How very generous of top photographer Rankin to invite five consultancies to pitch for free to design not only his own website, but also an additional one for him and his business partner, Chris Cottam (News, DW 22 October). And why only five consultancies – why not ten, or more? Our company is currently looking […]

When the original is this good, don’t ‘refresh’ it

Is it really necessary to ‘refresh’ the National Trust identity (www.designweek.co.uk, 27 October)? If any organisation cares about heritage and conservation, surely the trust should. Instead of squandering the money on this folly, why not tap into David Gentleman’s original thinking? It is far, far stronger than anything that’s been produced in recent years and […]

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