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Inspiration to me is a designer’s breakfast. It’s an essential starting block, and it gives everything more clarity.

Inspiration is a rite of passage for many projects, informing how they will pan out. It comes in many shapes and forms, and it’s only when you realise what those mean that you can use them.

The value of an object, picture, place or event can only be defined by someone’s involvement with it – to some, it’s the seed of an idea, but to others it’s nothing.
Visual inspiration for many designers is their only compass point, but I find using your other senses can be a more exciting and powerful tool. Music speaks volumes, people connect strongly with it, and it says a lot about status, culture and location.

I use music to help me break down the client’s brief. I select a genre of music that best represents the consumer the brief is aimed at.

I will absorb the lyrics, persona and emotions displayed in the song. I then relay the song visually, thinking up colours, objects and typefaces that I get from the track.

In general, my inspiration has been spurred by one song – it got me through a lot of creative blocks, and it is this song that I have a lot to thank for. The song is The Fight Song, by Ane Brun.

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  • Keith November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Good article – I think Daniel’s comments reflect the need to absorb and internalise the all aspects of the brief.

    It’s rather like understanding culture – its multi dimensional, changes with time, can draw people togther or push them apart. Music plays a key part in culture and as Daniel says .. it also has the ability to inspire!

    Once again good article!

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