Magpie Studio brands global environmental enforcement body

Magpie Studio has branded the International Court for the Environment, a newly established organisation set up to promote and enforce international environmental law.

The consultancy was appointed after providing three creative proposals to the organisation in August, following a recommendation.

Ice is based on the recognition that environmental problems are ‘international in nature’ and require ‘international solutions’. Working with this in mind, the consultancy responded to a brief to make the organisation appear ‘authoritarian, established, serious and international’, says Jamie Ellul, Magpie Studio director.

The scales of justice – an internationally recognisable symbol for law – appear in the marque, with roots added ‘to make it look more environmental and personable’, Ellul says. These, he says, ‘suggest positive growth for the future of the planet and the coalition itself’.

The acronym Ice was dismissed from the marque at Magpie’s instruction as it connotes ‘global warming and melting polar ice’, Ellul says.

Launching on Saturday, the organisation will roll out a website and stationery, all designed by Magpie Studio.

Ellul says the website will be ‘clean, information-based and geared to trying to get people involved’.

The consultancy’s branding will be used to raise the organisation’s profile ahead of the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December.

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