12 October 1995

Redesign is on The Opera Terrace menu

London restaurateur Groupe Chez Gérard is to spend at least 2m on design for three new restaurants, one of which is a complete refurbishment of The Opera Terrace in Covent Garden.

Life’s a hedonistic whirlwind

Recently designer Ben Kelly had a very busy day. – He showed up at the Royal College of Art’s redesigned ArtBar at 11.30am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to the joy of the students who have kept and treasured the logo he designed while a student back in.

Boy racers pull out the pitstops

“Last time I was on one of these I was wearing high-heeled stilettos, a bikini and a lot of suntan oil,” shrieked a go-karter last weekend, as she draped herself in a king-size oil-stained boiler suit. The scene was Lydd Kart Circuit in Kent, the cause was Centrepoint charity for the homeless. The karts were […]

Armadillo designs for Virgin

Armadillo has designed a loyalty card for Virgin aimed at students. The card will entitle students to discounts on music, videos and T-shirts at Virgin stores. The brief asked for a colourful card which is “a bit rave-orientated”, using popular icons, including Prince and Damon Alburn from Blur, says an Armadillo spokeswoman. The Bath consultancy […]

An old scam or a brand-new vision

The Holy Grail of design – a definitive way of measuring and evaluating design’s input to a product’s success – is as elusive today as it has always been. Or so say the cynics. But consultancies are beginning to develop tools which they claim are making headway in measuring the performance of their work. Whether […]

A DAB hand on the radio

Rufus Leonard has created literature aiming to raise awareness for the BBC’s Digital Audio Broadcasting initiative. – The consultancy’s brochure, folder, poster and exhibition system explain the process of DAB, the system for improving the reception of ra

Co-ordinator needed for 1999

Glasgow is hunting for an architecture and design co-ordinator for its festival in 1999 which celebrates its year as City of Architecture and Design. The co-ordinator will assess ideas and proposals for the festival, which are being submitted. “This is a pretty senior post with a lot of responsibility. As soon as we find someone, […]

Mezzo supremo but not so grandissimo

Mezzo is “said to be the largest eating place in Europe” is it? (DW 22 September). – During lunch at the Brasserie Georges in Lyon, I noted the following from the back of the menu: – Opened in 1836 and then seating 500 customers, the brasserie holds the G

Viennese whirl into no free-pitch campaign

We join your campaign. Ban free-pitching. – Erich Monitzer – Clemens Heider – Karen Schmitzberger – Gerhard Pany – Martin Tiefenthaler – Vienna – Austria – – Our formal campaign, initiated by Marcello Minale of Minale Tattersfield, ended last year (DW 25

Spanish buys

Spain’s designers are creating accessible seating which is becoming more easily available in the UK. Nicky Churchill picks the best of the newcomers

Free access to global design resources

May I bring to your attention the list IDFORUM – the first and only list for all involved in the world of industrial/product design and design education. IDFORUM provides worldwide access to design institutions, studios and research centres. The list operates as an open forum for “news and views” from the world of industrial design. […]

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