Chrysalis unveils retail system

Chrysalis Group has relaunched its audio-visual systems company intended to work hand-in-glove with design concepts for retail, leisure and hospitality interiors.

Under the new name Chrysalis Retail Entertainment, the company provides advice, research and the supply of equipment and software for retailers.

The system should be introduced to new or revamped interiors concepts “at the earliest possible stage”, according to Trevor Morse, head of strategy and development at Chrysalis Radio.

“We would look to keep up a good working relationship with designers. We see Chrysalis Retail Entertainment as becoming an important part of the design process,” Morse says.

Both Morse and The Jenkins Group chairman Nick Jenkins predict the system would perform particularly well in large out-of-town sheds. “It would improve the environment enormously for DIY sheds,” Jenkins explains.

“Its the first system I’ve seen which is really practical,” he adds.

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