Design Council should temper its severity

I agree with Sutherland Lyall (DW 6 October) that compared with the era of Paul Reilly – which included a usually sparkling Design magazine and some great, fun-filled exhibitions at the Haymarket – the character of Design Council 95 is decidedly severe. I would also suggest it has an unrelieved seriousness.

DW also reported that Hoover won the Overall Best Design Award, together with the Best Product Award, in the 1995 Scottish Design Awards. I was very impressed with the management of the awards ceremony and the exuberance, verve and real enthusiasm with which the event was treated.

I was reminded that within the truly serious business of design, a little fun is helpful – and I do not know of any profession that has been damaged by having a sense of humour.

George Church

Industrial design manager

Hoover European Appliance Group

Merthyr Tydfil

Mid Glamorgan CF48 4TU

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