Dream world for kids opens at Selfridges

Selfridges’ 60m redevelopment is continuing with the launch of Kids’ Universe at the London store, redesigned to a masterplan by US consultancy FRCH.

The department is the latest to be opened, to a brief which included creating an atmosphere and environment to “transform shopping with children from a nightmare into an adventure”, says a Selfridges spokeswoman.

Walter Levey Associates was appointed to carry out research with a view to defining what constitutes a “dream” children’s department. Key elements from the findings included having clear signs, easy access and eye-level displays so children can remain in view, and an environment where children are kept entertained and occupied.

These elements have been incorporated into the Kids’ Universe concept, created by FRCH vice-chairman Ed Hambrecht.

The department has been split into four segments – water, air, fire and earth – to create easily definable areas. Each area is targeted at specific age ranges, with the fire area incorporating interactive floor panels.

The department opens this Sunday (15 October).

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