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May I bring to your attention the list IDFORUM – the first and only list for all involved in the world of industrial/product design and design education.

IDFORUM provides worldwide access to design institutions, studios and research centres. The list operates as an open forum for “news and views” from the world of industrial design. Each month subscribers receive IDFORUM, a moderated electronic newsletter.

Since it’s inception, IDFORUM has attracted over 500 subscribers from more than 40 countries, proof of the global nature of contemporary design practice.

There is no charge for subscription or list use. To subscribe to IDFORUM send a mail message to with the one-line message SUBSCRIBE IDFORUM and your full name.

For any other information please contact the list owner, Maurice Barnwell, at GL250267@ VENUS.YORKU.CA.

Maurice Barnwell

York University

North York



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