Fitch gives fast-fit depots a make-over

Fitch has rebranded Goodyear Dunlop’s fast-fit retail division, Hi-Q, with an overhauled brand identity and interior store concept, following a strategic review of the business.

The move comes as Goodyear Dunlop seeks to roll out additional Hi-Q stores and relaunch its on-line offer next year.

Initial consumer research and brand repositioning work for the project was undertaken by Connect Communications.

The redesigned interior scheme features a blue and black colour palette. In-store information will be portrayed in a more ‘user-friendly language’, says a spokesman for Hi-Q.

Hi-Q will begin rebranding the portfolio of stores from next year. It operates more than 150 company-owned and franchise fast-fit centres and is looking to grow the network over the next three years. Fitch has also rebranded Welcome Break, the motorway services company.

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