I came to the most creative business from the most creative science – mathematics. Unfortunately, I am not imaginative enough to be good at maths, though my other skills and characteristics are handy for success in the design business.

For instance, being used to calculating is quite unique for this profession. Though being very attentive to detail helps a lot, at the same time it makes my life and other people’s harder. Attention to detail or, in other words, perfectionism is a huge part of my personality. In fact, I’ve been looking for perfection since I made my first choice – left or right breast. Only my common sense makes me understand that in most cases the choice is not so big.

Many thanks to Mikhail Gorbachev – he gave me a chance to experience capitalism. But he did not say that it would not be easy to be competitive and successful. Fortunately, from the Soviet times, I inherited Romanticism and a belief in the team. It helped me act, find and create the best team in the world, I hope.

Am I too bold? I’ve learned it from you. It’s your idea – competition.

Oleg Beriev – Mildberry Moscow

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