Airport shopping is a traveller’s rare luxury

I have always had a very high regard for Marcello Minale and his opinions – and still do – but his follow-up comments to Terence Conran’s article that “airports should be for the service of travellers, not for out-of-town shopping” struck me as somewhat elitist (Letters, DW 30 August).

Members of the travel community – both business and leisure – are able to make a choice as to whether they shop or not at the airport – and the success of the retail business at airports suggests they obviously like having that choice.

Why should the design community start a campaign against

airport shopping when the design of retail units can and does provide a source of income?

I agree that airports should be for the “service of travellers” and it is plain that buying is part of the service required by BAA’s customers. In a working week where time to indulge in a bit of personal consumerism is a rare luxury, you can enjoy spending a little of your hard-earned cash in an airport.

Of course, as soon as I’m as successful as Marcello Minale, I will no doubt agree with him!

Mark Fanthorpe


Umbrella Designs

London E14

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