Colourful concoction insures there’s differentiation

Bright Grey, the latest ‘are-they-for-real?’ brand name to splash into the murky depths of the personal finance pond, is a contradiction in terms. But that – before you even start on its merits – is precisely the point.

Consumers think insurance products are grey and dull – not as exciting as ‘jet-skiing or a night down the pub with your mates’, the spokeswoman tells us. So, the brand acknowledges their perceptions, but offers a contrasting service. You following this so far?

‘In some ways, it’s delivering a visual question – “what is Bright Grey?” – because the colour doesn’t exist,’ says Douglas Alexander gamely.

Alexander is joint managing director and creative director at Navy Blue, the consultancy behind the logo, but not the name (oh yes, it’s a colour co-ordinated production). And clearly on message: ‘The brand says “we’re different, not what you’ve seen before” and the communication will make sense of that,’ he adds. Right-ho.

The finer points of such dialectical thinking are a bit over our heads. We’re just amused the PR agency involved is called Red.

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