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Williams Murray Hamm has reportedly resigned from the Superdrug roster because it has been asked to re-pitch for a place following the acquisition of Superdrug parent Kruidvat by Hutchison Whampoa (DW 5 September). What would provoke you into resigning a client account?

‘I would resign an account if simply evaluated as a cost-driven supplier rather than as a valued consultancy. Groups should be selected on individual merit and retained on deliverables and results. If forced to compete with my peers on price alone, I’d walk away – there are more ambitious clients.’

Bill Wallsgrove, Creative director, Big Idea

‘An unclear marketing strategy on the client’s behalf and a brand with too many owners would provoke me into resigning from an account. It is essential to work with clients and all through-the-line groups involved from the outset, and not treat elements as separate entities.’

Andy Scott, Managing director, Vivid

‘When our work is compromised to a point where we lose confidence in its potential effectiveness, or we no longer feel proud of it. But even incumbents on a roster need to convince new client management that their place is deserved. It should strengthen a sound relationship, or bring about a swift conclusion to one that is no longer delivering.’

Cheryl Giovannoni, Managing director, Coley Porter Bell

‘We’d resign if we were losing money. The big question is would we if the work wasn’t creatively challenging enough – I’d certainly like to think we would, but a principle can’t truly be tested until sticking by it costs you money.’

Steve Gibbons, Joint managing and creative director,

Dew Gibbons

‘If there was a lack of commitment and irreconcilable differences then we would call it a day. It makes life a lot more enjoyable and allows both the clients and ourselves to find more compatible partners.’

Allison Miguel, Creative director, Ziggurat

‘I once resigned an account when a project director repeatedly had one of our best account managers in tears. Two days later the managing director called to say the project director had been fired and would we reconsider our decision. It pays to stick to your principals and I admire WMH for sticking to its.’

Lavinia Culverhouse, Managing director, Design House

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