Yves Behar’s internet-connected thermostat helps Hive turn up heat on rivals

British Gas-owned Hive has launched a suite of new products that allow heat and ambiance of home to be controlled while providing security measures.

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Yves Behar has designed an internet-connected thermostat that is among a suite of British Gas’s new Hive products, which aim to give customers a “complete connected home experience.”

Hive is the company’s connected home brand, which allows people to control the temperature of their home remotely on a phone or web app.

Behar, who has spoken about not being keen on the integration of unnecessary touch-screens in products, has hidden the LED display on the thermostat so that it only becomes visible when needed.

Behar: Product will feel “familiar and intuitive”

Home owners will find the new thermostat “familiar and intuitive” according to Behar who says: “We created a classically square thermostat with a dial, but gave it a mirrored surface which makes the device resemble a small mirror.”

He adds: “In this way, the thermostat not only blends into the home discreetly, but it literally reflects its environment.”

Smart plug and smart lighting also introduced

The new generation of products includes a smart plug and smart lighting in addition to the updated thermostat, meaning that users can control the ambiance and environment of their home.

Plugs allow appliances to be controlled remotely and allow people to check that they haven’t left anything on.

Motion sensors can detect intruders

The plugs are also one of a number of new products being marketed as security aids. Others include motion sensors that detect if there’s movement in your home when you’re not there, while window and door sensors can indicate if they are open or closed. Also lights can be controlled at any time to give the impression that a home is occupied.

This second generation of Hive products includes app updates but anyone with the first generation thermostat can continue to use the service and connect with most of the new products according to British Gas.

The Hive system is expected to be expanded further still and Kassir Hussain director of British Gas connected homes says: “This is only the beginning. Expect a number of further announcements over the coming months.”

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Left, new. Right, old design
Left, new. Right, old design

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