Skills matter more than technology

In response to Peter Hall’s Private View (Tired of being wired?, DW 31 March), I wonder if there are any other designers out there who are becoming weary (wary?) of the continual race to have the fastest, brightest, shiniest kit which will transform humble pencil sketches into four-colour separated films (negs, of course, emulsion side down) and produce typography to rival Brody’s (that’s Neville’s, not Miss Jean’s), all at the touch of a button?

The perception – and it’s often encouraged by “designers” themselves – is that if you have the fastest tool you can do the job. But I, for one, do not wish to be either a typesetter or a platemaker. Nonetheless, these disciplines are increasingly demanded by clients who believe there to be little or no effort required in the final stage of artwork production.

The growth in DIY publishing and illustration packages along with the continual obsession with modems, speed, CD-ROMS and speed are distracting clients and the public from appreciating thoughtful design solutions.

It is time we lifted our vision from the shiny objects on our desks and concentrated on honing those very skills which separate us from us every other fool with a computer – the ability to create effective design. Until we do that we are all falling into the techno abyss.

Daniel Bradley

Artel Design Associates



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