Being top of the list was good, while it lasted

Just a quick note to tell you how excited I was to see The Open Agency at the top of one of the Top 100 lists (DW 31 March) – that was until I saw the heading (Decline in UK fee-income). Oh dear, I thought, what a disappointment.

Let me try and explain the bigger picture.

The reason behind the alleged decline is that last year the figure showed a reflection of the overall merge with McBains, which actually flattered us as an agency. However, since then the newly branded Open Agency has separated from its holding company as an individual income company.

So, the impression given in the Top 100 survey implies loss of income, but, in fact, the real scenario is that The Open Agency part of the group has made a 15 per cent growth and not, as it has appeared, a 50 per cent loss.

I hope that clears everything up, but being top of something was good while it lasted.

Mike Horsman

Managing director

The Open Agency

London W1

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