PSD brands PhotoPlanet

Richmond design consultancy PSD has completed the branding for a new multimedia photo booth which is being rolled out across the UK over coming months.

PhotoPlanet is a joint venture between BT and Photo-Me International, providing a mix of photographic and Internet services. Up to 1000 kiosks will be located around the UK in supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, railways and leisure environments, serving 1.5m people.

PSD was appointed last November and has developed the corporate brand identity and interface design solution and guidelines for the booths, which will allow people to take and send photographs via the Internet, access e-mail, surf the Web and shop on-line.

PSD associate director Toby Leetham says: “Working with BT and Photo-Me, we identified the key PhotoPlanet values of simplicity, convenience and empowerment for the individual. We translated them visually to evoke fun, excitement and the international possibilities and wide appeal of Internet-based products.”

Photo-Me International chief executive officer Serge Cresnianski adds: “I’m confident PhotoPlanet will be lucrative, and a successful start to a wide-ranging collaboration between the two firms in Internet-related business.”

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