US lead in design, reports GDR

Design consultancies in the US are leading the way in innovative retail design, according to a new report from Global Design Register. A GDR spokeswoman says the UK is trailing the US by five years in cutting-edge interior design concepts.

The consultancy selection service is launching a retail innovation report, showcasing interiors. Around 80 per cent of those featured are from the US. The report is tailored to different retail sectors, such as supermarkets and fashion.

The report may be controversial with UK designers. First Partnership retail director Tim Jeffrey, agrees that there are fundamental differences between UK and US retail design, but says the UK sector has its own strengths.

“UK consumers regard retail as just a service industry, whereas in the US it is well-respected. On a level playing field, however, the UK design industry is more close knit and ultimately more forward-thinking,” he says.

GDR may launch a report for the packaging design industry if the retail report is successful.

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