Kracka designs Virgin’s Venue

London group Kracka is responsible for interior and graphic design of a new nightclub planned for the West End by Virgin Clubs. The architect is PJ Carroll.

Planning permission is being sought for The Venue in part of a disused hotel in Sherwood Street. With a capacity of 1800 people, the club, due to open in autumn 1999, will be spread over the basement and ground floor.

Kracka director Vic Cass says The Venue will incorporate several distinct, yet interconnecting areas. These will include a refectory-style restaurant, inspired by Belgo and Wagamama, a basement bar and club area, and a blues room.

There will also be a set of pods, suspended in mid-air over the main club zone. These will have their own sound system, lighting and mini bars.

“Virgin wanted to strengthen its links with youth culture, so we have given the club a younger feel. It will have full-on visual excitement,” says Cass.

The environments within The Venue will each have unique backdrops. These will have canvasses on to which performance, entertainment and changing moods can be overlaid,” Cass adds.

The basement bar will have high ceilings and bare plaster walls.

“The Venue aims to bring under one roof a celebration of music, service, food and drink catering to a young informed audience.

“The design and multimedia overlaid on this solid core will be leading edge, and able to adapt to the wants and needs of the customer. It will formulate a holistic approach to youth culture and be more likened to a festival, with the added value of underlying professionalism and service,” says Cass.

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