Reading the image

Natalie Spencer continues her monthly selection of graphics projects which feature striking images.

Moore Lowenhoff designed information material for the Education Extra Foundation. The foundation has set about forming new reading clubs for pupils in their first year of secondary school, to encourage reading for pleasure and to improve standards of literacy. Four illustrators and a photographer were commissioned to represent extracts for use on book marks, banners, notepads and folders.

1 Angus Brown, Woman in Black. Tel: 0973 145820; 2 Lynda Gray, androgynous figure used for folder cover; 3 Veronique Bour, Goosebumps; 4 Haydn Cornner, Lord of the Rings; 5 Brian Grimwood, Roll of Thunder; 6 Simon Spilsbury, Five Children and It. All illustrators c/o Central Illustration Agency. Tel: 0171-240 8925.

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