CLN audits West Midlands network

Citigate Lloyd Northover will present the results of a brand and information audit of the West Midlands public transport network on 19 December.

The consultancy has researched the network by conducting a series of ‘company journeys’, using the system with passengers and seeing how they respond to its different areas of communication. It has also conducted a visual and communications audit of all media.

CLN will receive a six-figure fee for the job, which also includes design concept and strategy work.

The work is part of a 20-year strategy by the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive, Centro, to encourage use of public transport across the region.

Once audit results have been presented, CLN will develop conceptual models for ‘a different way to do things’, says CLN vice-chairman Jim Northover. Concepts are expected to be finalised by March.

‘We will then research those concepts among consumers to see how the concepts might influence them to use the system more. For example, would a common brand or language make a difference to the system,’ says Northover.

The next stage of work will be to develop concepts into a design strategy.

‘How broad and how deep that strategy becomes is not yet decided. It might include creating a new brand that can influence all the physical and virtual communications channels. We might be advising that there is too much branding in the environment and that it needs to be reduced,’ he adds.

No group has been appointed to the implementation stage of work.

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