Inspired – Layla Atkinson, Trunk

The video for Annuals’ song Dry Clothes was based on the band’s initial thoughts. As a visual reference, they wanted a collaged, cut-out aesthetic similar to the TV show Wonder Pets.

There are two main locations: a swamp and a town. The swamp and the forest surrounding it were inspired by the deep southern US states. They have a deserted, edgy feel I thought would set off the track nicely, but, in this case, with a bit of a pop twist. The colour palette is a take on those purple hazy evenings with the sun setting, and the yellows mix with the dark blues of the night sky.

The lyrics also have a nice prompt, ‘From the spider and the purple toe’. I like to mix visual and sonic references to add layers.

I initially struggled to get an image of the town that I was happy with. The band is from the US and the track has been released there, but everything I did looked too English.

I based the town on Aspen. I didn’t want to make a faceless city, but to create somewhere more idiosyncratic and detailed. I used a combination of drawn elements, photographs, scanned-in wood and metal, and images from the Internet to create this effect.

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