PC-based studios are not as rare as you think

It was surprising to read the letter from Michael George (DW 24 January) on his lack of understanding of the elitist Mac attitude and apparent absence of PC-based design studios.

We are a totally PC-based design studio which was formed more than five years ago. In that time we have seen the superiority of the Mac whittled away to nothing, with recent launches of major design software being released for the PC prior to the Mac. Being PC-based does not restrict us in any way (in fact, it has even won us clients), as we still use the latest versions of the same programs used in Mac studios – PageMaker 6.5, QuarkXPress, Photoshop 4 and so on. After all, the design skill is in the individual, not the computer platform.

One reason for Mac elitism is the incompatibility with the vast majority of clients’ systems. This enables agencies to retain a “mystique” as well as more of the work up to the final output stage and charge carte blanche fees for the simplest of things such as file conversions to PC format.

As the use of PCs in agencies is a rising trend, it is surprising that Design Week isn’t more in touch with the numbers of PC-based studios. In the same issue of DW your Top 100 consultancy survey form makes no mention of computer platforms, or numbers of machines by type.

Perhaps your own efforts, or lack of them, in this area are responsible for Michael George believing he is the only PC designer in the country.

John E Healy

Managing director

Jigsaw Marketing Communications


Surrey GU15 3RS

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