New low-cost airline flies with Dynamo branding

Another European low-cost airline will lift off in April, as Cork-based Jetmagic takes to the skies with six-figure identity and branding work by Dublin group Dynamo.

The consultancy has helped to establish the brand idea – expressed in the tagline ‘Fly a Different Way’ – as well as designing livery, staff uniforms and airport check-in environments. A website is also on the way.

Jetmagic is targeting business customers travelling from Cork to six ‘hub’ destinations – London City, Belfast City, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Brussels and Paris Charles de Gaulle.

‘Cork is basically Ireland’s third largest city and the business community there has transformed over the past ten years. There’s a real market opportunity for a low-cost business airline,’ says Dynamo strategy director Damian Cranney.

Founded by former British Airways executives Patrick Raftery and Jochem Schnadt, Jetmagic aims to ‘get back to old-fashioned customer service’ in an industry characterised by commodity pricing, says Cranney.

He adds, ‘When Michael O’Leary took over Ryanair and rammed down his costs it was a timely thing to do, but customers want to be treated like human beings again. Jetmagic is about doing things a bit differently, from helping with suitcases right down to the design of a coffee cup.’

Jetmagic will price its tickets in the ™100-™150 range, with a one-to-one menu service and bottled water in the seat-backs thrown in. Other innovations include text messaging in the event of a delay.

The airline’s market positioning is between that of Ryanair and Air Lingus, Cranney adds, with a ‘well-presented brand’ defining its image as a regional carrier.

Dynamo was appointed in October 2002 to create the ‘full brand toolkit’. The group was brought on board by Dublin ad agency Chemistry, also working on the launch. Dynamo executive creative director Brian Nolan and head designer Paul McBride piloted the design.

Jetmagic’s inaugural flight is scheduled for 17 April. The brand enters a consolidating market, with Ryanair’s acquisition of Buzz following Easyjet’s takeover of Go.

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