13 January 2000

Grand Design opens in Paris and London

Croydon multidisciplinary consultancy The Grand Design is opening additional offices in Paris and central London, in an expansion bid aimed at developing its client base. “A central London location is

Making Faces

With the bewildering range of typefaces available to creatives, why bother creating your own? Quentin Newark looks at the meticulous efforts typographers take to create a unique design. For this

Law giant identity by The Partners

The world’s largest law firm has been rebranded by UK design group The Partners. Clifford Chance this week completed a three-way international merger to form a group with 2700 lawyers,

Searching for an identity

Companies are under so much commercial pressure that they no longer know what their brand is about or what customers want. Sara Manuelli thinks design groups could help.

Cabinet Office names roster

The Cabinet Office has named groups on a new roster to address design services. Of 11 initial applicants, eight were shortlisted, before five were appointed on 18-month call-off contracts.

Industrial revolution

Tom Dixon, head of design at Habitat, has written a book about alternative interior decor. Matthew Valentine thinks the retailer could learn from the book.

Finally seeing the light

The concept of good and bad taste can’t be summed up in simple black and white terms, and Hugh Pearman had a colourful Christmas trying to explain it to his


Brandsmiths recruits Brandsmiths, a member of the Havas advertising group, has made two new appointments in an effort to strengthen its offer as a branding specialist.

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