Ericsson raises in-store profile

Mobile phone manufacturer Ericsson is set to launch manufacturer-branded in-store areas, in a pilot scheme with independent mobile phone stores in the UK.

Hailed as its Global Store initiative, the mobile phone giant has designed a flexible range of units to enable stores to custom-build Ericsson-branded environments. The project has been conceived and built by strategic marketing group RPA, says an Ericsson spokeswoman.

“Ericsson believes the new merchandising system will increase sales by improving the customer store experience and focusing consumer attention on a self-contained product area,” says Ericsson UK channel marketing manager Vijay Anand.

Ten stores will test the service points, with a fuller roll out scheduled for the end of the year. The initiative follows the launch of its co-branded stores last year. (DW 16 April 1999).

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