Farmers buy British campaign picks BGA

Basten Greenhill Andrews has won a pitch to produce a new symbol for the National Farmers Union, which will be used to identify and promote UK-grown produce. The work is scheduled to be unveiled during the first quarter of this year.

The appointment follows NFU-commissioned research showing that many consumers wish to support British produce, but have been unable to identify it clearly while shopping. The high media profile given to the French ban on British beef is thought to have galvanised public opinion.

A design pitch was organised by the NFU late last year (DW 5 November 1999).

BGA will create a single logo, versatile enough to be applied to produce ranging from fresh and frozen vegetables to meat, eggs and salads. It is intended to be used on packaging, direct mail, point-of-sale promotions and Internet sites.

Workshops have been held with relevant people and bodies throughout the farming, manufacturing and retailing industries to establish key values which the logo will aim to address.

BGA managing director Tim Greenhill says, “The NFU has presented a very exciting and wide-ranging opportunity. This brand must evoke trust and reassurance among food shoppers, distributors and producers alike.

It will also cut through the logo anarchy that has broken out on food packaging.”

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