Ladies and gentlemen… the greatest show on earth

I went to the Dome yesterday and I just want to tell everyone that it is fantastic. From the Tube ride there to the end of the day my extended family (ages from four to 65) and I had a great time.

The building is stunning, in stature and detail, the exhibits are imaginative, enjoyable and of the highest level of design the British public will have ever experienced. OK, some of the things weren’t working, but then things don’t always work at LegoLand either.

There are queues – because there are lots of happy people all trying to see things – but they move quickly. The plot of the floor show is tosh – but it looks and sounds incredible.

The whole experience was so modern, stylish and celebratory of all things human that for a minute I thought I was in France.

Don’t believe our sneering, self-important, toffee-nosed British press – celebrate design and modernity for a change and make it last.

Clive Grinyer

Platform Team Leader

Industrial Design Team TAG McLaren Audio

Huntingdon PE18 6ZU

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