Law giant identity by The Partners

The world’s largest law firm has been rebranded by UK design group The Partners. Clifford Chance this week completed a three-way international merger to form a group with 2700 lawyers, 560 partners and 30 offices.

The UK law firm has merged with US company Rogers & Wells and German company Punder, Volhard, Weber & Axster.

The Partners created Clifford Chance’s previous identity in 1987, when it was formed by a merger between law firms Coward Chance and Clifford-Turner, becoming in the process the biggest law group in Europe.

The consultancy has now developed a new identity, applying it to more than 500 stationery items, plus brochures and publicity and events material, in a three and a half month project.

“The brief was to create a global identity which provided a consistent visual expression to unify the three firms,” says The Partners design partner James Beveridge.

The identity retains the names of all three groups, uniting them with a symbol to demonstrate the overlapping cultures of the companies before the merger.

Clifford Chance chairman Keith Clark says, “The new Clifford Chance identity demonstrates the unity of the organisation, while retaining the strengths of the names of the different partnerships through a name-stacking mechanism.”

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