We female graduates are still waiting for consultancies to give us a break

I am a graduate of Industrial Design, I am a D&AD Award winner, I am looking to start a career within the industry and I am female. Peter Tennent asked in his letter (Letters, DW 17 December 1999) Where are the female designers? Well, we are alive and willing.

I graduated in July along with around 12 other very talented females, most of whom were interested in continuing with design careers. Among them are several award winners, yet to my knowledge none have been successful. This is not for the want of trying in finding a job, but what we see to be lack of opportunity.

In a previous issue, it was written that a large percentage of design consultancies were considering introducing positions aimed at graduates, as opposed to asking for years of experience for junior positions. Yet, while scouring the pages of the creative press for job advertisments, I find it quite discouraging that there are very few.

But, to put it succinctly there is a large contingent of graduate designers looking for work who are female – one of whom is me.

Katherine Davison


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