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Multidisciplinary design group Antrepo in Istanbul works with a dose of minimalism and an aim to change perceptions. We love its latest project, where it has designed simple versions for packaging brands including Lindt, Mr Muscle and Pringles. Calm, quiet, cool and stylish – check out the work here.
Picking the perfect name is often key to the success of a product or start-up. This article, from Dan and Chip Heath in Fast Company magazine, looks at the importance of choosing the right name. It refers to Lexicon, a company that has created names of the calibre of Blackberry, Febreze and Colgate Wisp.
Vandalog is number one in the Top Art Blogs of 2010 from Arts Media – scoring well because of its interesting graphics. The blog keeps visitors up to date with all that’s going on with street art. Recent posts include a time-lapse video documenting murals, hand-drawn animations and wall paintings from around the world.
The UK Trade & Investment site has published a thought-provoking article for all you food packaging designers out there. UK scientists have developed a new form of intelligent packaging, which lets people know when food is going bad. A plastic indicator sits inside, changing colour when the food begins to turn.

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