Students can be a valued contribution to studio culture

I read Glenn Tutssel’s article (DW 29 June) on investing in the future and wholly agree with it. It is encouraging to see groups like Enterprise IG offering viable work placements. I am both a part-time MA student and a working practitioner, so I can view life from both perspectives. My final project is focused on encouraging the creative collaboration between students/graduates and professionals in the workplace.

My research has shown that design students are keen to demonstrate their skills of idea generation and believe they can be an effective addition to the creative process. Students want a taste of professional life – to observe and be involved in client meetings, brainstorming and idea generation.

From my professional perspective, when students do get a placement, they should make the most of the opportunity and make their presence known. It is good for all involved if objectives are clarified from the outset.

Richie Manu, MA Design Studies, Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London WC1B

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