An ad agency – Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO – has swooped in to create the new identity for BBC2, beating screen design specialists on the BBC roster to the work. What does this mean for screen design consultancies?

Television brand identity is a lot closer to traditional advertising than most other forms of branding and design. Coming up with a TV brand identity requires similar thought processes to, say, coming up with a campaign idea. They both require ideas that can be adapted for numerous executions, across multiple media. The only difference is that TV identity needs to run for a few years, rather than a few months. AMV’s appointment will hopefully be a positive influence on the sector.

Gareth Mapp, Creative director, Turquoise

Good luck AMV. It’s only natural that, as creative broadcast design companies such as ours move into advertising agencies’ fields, the more the traditional advertising agencies will try to steal back territory from us. I like the idea of that battle. Advertising agencies have struggled with TV clients, possibly because good branding goes beyond what goes on the screen and great branding needs longevity. The BBC loves to spend our money – let’s hope AMV spends it wisely.

Bruce Dunlop, Chairman and group creative director, Bruce Dunlop Associates

I am a firm believer in working with a small, ambitious team that has the right attitude, a broad range of disciplines and is open to exchanging ideas. In this instance, I suspect AMV will bring a broadcast branding expert on board and, as it’s not exactly short of ideas, I see no problem.

Dylan Griffith, Creative consultant, S4C

This is not the first time that a TV company has gone to an ad agency for ideas, but it is probably the most high profile example. AMV had an existing relationship with the BBC and the encouraging thing about this move is that the client has been sensible enough to choose an agency partner that has clearly demonstrated a really good understanding of the brand’s business challenges, rather than picking an agency simply on the basis of a beauty parade of creative ideas. If this, in any way, contributes to both broadcasters and the broadcast design sector sharpening up their act and being more professional in competitive pitching, it’s good news.

Nick Hough, Chief executive, Lambie-Nairn

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