Geest sold its banana business in 1996, to focus on the manufacture of freshly prepared foods.

The 1996 annual report is the work of The Partners. In 1998, Merchant took it over, with Navy Blue handling the design.

‘The “Chill” report was trying to scream for a bit of attention,’ says Paula Cooper, head of communications at Geest. ‘Merchant’s very modern design was key, because it was about a modern day solution to our eating needs. ‘The message [that Geest is no longer to do with bananas] has settled in,’ she says, ‘and now Geest is trying to establish itself as the expert in the market information. The report is now two-pronged in that respect. I hope we’re getting across the drivers behind the fresh food business and why we are in the business.’

The latest report, through Merchant and by Navy Blue, uses professional food photography to help reinforce Geest’s values.

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