Glutano goes with grain of Incept packs

Incept has designed the packaging for a range of wheat-free chocolate bars by German company Glutano, which launch across the UK, Europe and North America this summer.

The products, Big Break and Break Bar, are being aimed primarily at consumers with wheat intolerance, but will be distributed in supermarkets and health food shops, and compete for shelf space with traditional chocolate bars, according to Incept director Alex Arenson.

The consultancy was briefed to deliver packaging within relatively strict corporate guidelines and colours, but pushed these constraints in order to present a less medically led image for the bars, Arenson adds.

‘The corporate colours used lots of yellow and products looked medical and a bit severe.

‘We used blue to freshen the packaging and have it look like a regular chocolate bar that everyone would eat, rather than health food,’ he says.

The consultancy, which was appointed in November last year, is currently working on packaging for two wheat-free cake products, and hopes to be appointed to revamp the company’s entire suite of 80 products.

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