Brand development and design group Haines McGregor has created packaging for a new range of fruit infusions from Tetley GB, which are currently being launched.

MetaDesign has appointed Frances Jackson as senior designer. Jackson was previously in a similar role at The Partners.

Lumsden Design Partnership has created the new reception area for Interbrand’s Covent Garden offices.

Glasgow graphics group Locofoco has designed a ‘tell it like it is’ guide to the use of legal and illicit drugs while clubbing. Commissioned by the Enhance Recreational Drugs Project and the Scottish Drugs Forum, Locofoco designer Ian Mackinnon commissioned photography, of hazy clubbers, by Alasdair Smith for the booklet. Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh wrote the foreword. The rest of the copy is equally frank to avoid being patronising.

A limited edition BT phone-card is to promote the new Science Museum gallery, the Challenge of Materials. Designers Rebecca Brown and Mike Heath have left as much of the card free as possible to show the plastic material.

Images for SET 97, a week-long Government showcase for science, engineering and technology hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry, have been created by To The Point.

The Team has designed an information and sales leaflet on The Microsoft Network, explaining the Internet to potential customers.

Signal Box Marketing Communications in Surrey has won an unpaid creative pitch to design corporate brochures for three divisions of insurance giant CIGNA International.

Sheridan Coakley of SCP was one of the judges of the Design Week Awards and was omitted from last week’s supplement.

The Junior 14-inch portable television has won an award for creativity and innovation at the Samsung IDA’97 Design Competition. Created by Clive Goodwin, product designer at Samsung’s European Design Centre in London, the television was up against entries from the company’s California, Tokyo and Seoul design teams. The remote control can be worn around the neck or on a belt. Meanwhile, Samsung Europe has brought out a brochure as a step towards becoming an autonomous operation. Design of the brochure and its icons is by west London group Bullitt. The icons ‘convey the breadth’ of Samsung’s work, says a Bullitt spokesman.

The identity for North Western Trains, designed by Martyn Cornwall Design Management, was reproduced incorrectly last week.

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