Giving credit where it’s due in design award

I was pleased to receive this year’s copy of the Design Week Awards supplement. It’s always good to see what’s happening in the design industry and get a snap-shot of the current level of creative quality that currently exists in the UK.

However, I was a little surprised when I saw shortlisted entries in the multimedia category and found that JGSP had been shortlisted for its CD-ROM. Looking at the credits implies that JGSP actually designed and produced this CD. This is incorrect, as The Team was the originator and developer of this piece of multimedia and it is a shame that we have not received any recognition for this work.

Multimedia is a rapidly expanding area – the learning curve is steep and so should be the rewards. So for those individuals who spend hours fighting to make deadlines and maintain the quality of the design, it would be appreciated if credit was given where credit is due.

Kevin MacKenzie

The Team

London SW1

Because the results of the awards remain confidential until the presentation, we take our information from the entry form. Most entrants credit the right people and we take their data in good faith – Ed

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