Keep an open mind to all types of technology

I have been reading the discussion related to the PC/Mac problem when applying these different systems to the production of design work within today’s industry. It’s intriguing isn’t it?

While the majority of graphic designers use the Mac because of the need to use industry standard software, many 3D designers have historically used the PC to use their industry standard software, AutoCAD.

Of course, this is not always necessary, as software development on both platforms has evolved; they all begin to achieve the same results through much the same methods.

I design furniture, environmental products, interiors and signage. The projects are corporate, and hence include a large amount of graphics. I need to use a Mac to produce presentations and artwork for signs, and a PC to provide my manufacturers with technical drawings.

If I could chose, I would use the Mac for everything, but this is not always possible due to industry standards. By using both systems, I feel more flexible in my approach to solving design problems.

By dealing with the Mac/PC problem and climbing the steep learning curve, I have become more employable, and have just been asked to join one of the most respected architectural companies in the world. It’s great, and they want me to learn another piece of software too.

My advice is to keep an open mind to technology; don’t be biased to either system, always expect to learn more, and don’t rely on age/position as an excuse to learn. It is a challenge, but it can be fun and rewarding.

Finally, and most importantly, never let it effect the quality of your ideas.

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