Twelve Stars energises utility group

Twelve Stars has repositioned Spain’s largest privatised energy utility company Iberdrola to emphasise its Green credentials in an identity project worth more than £400 000 in fees to the group.

Iberdrola is embarking on a £8.2m expansion programme over the next three years following liberalisation in the Spanish energy market. Part of the communications brief was to broaden the scope of the brand into ‘home and life’ sectors, including telecoms, security products and financial services. The revamped identity will be applied from next week.

The company needed a brand platform to carry it forward into this new era, while building on growth in international markets, according to Twelve Stars chief executive Nicolas de Santis. The design work is intended to ‘set the basis for what an energy company must be in the future’.

He adds, ‘We tapped into Iberdrola’s corporate and social responsibility objectives to establish new corporate values and reposition it as the “most caring energy company” – one that sympathises with its customers, their interests and life needs.’

The leaf in the identity symbolises nature and the blue drop water, while the yellow drop represents earth and fire – all natural elements that Iberdrola transforms into energy, de Santis explains.

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