Chicken range from Design Bridge

Design Bridge has redesigned packaging for the entire frozen poultry range made by Birds Eye, one of the leading manufacturers of frozen food.

The 21-product range includes Chicken Dippers, Crispy Chicken and Chicken Lattice, and will go on sale next week.

The consultancy’s brief was to maximise the brand’s potential and distinguish it from other competing brands. A major feature of the pack design is food photography which seeks to provide product identification, range discrimination and segmentation.

Design Bridge senior designer Lee Cook emphasises the importance of ensuring the packs’ features “served a purpose and were not merely decorative elements”.

“The Birds Eye blue ribbon has now become an ownable property, signifying brand quality. The move towards a centrally radiating design serves to draw the consumer’s attention towards the branding and mouth-watering food shot. The food photography played a major role in the pack design,” he says.

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