Crescent Lodge designer Helen Dufour has created Entry Zone, a pocket-sized information book, for the London Institute. Students offered a place at any of the Institutes’ five colleges will be given a copy.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne consultancy Jazznetwork has teamed up with IT group Resources to win a 100 000 contract in Northern Ireland. The companies are creating new travel passes for schoolchildren.

Ratcliffe Fowler Design has created a new print ad campaign for watch manufacturer Rotary. The job follows the consultancy’s work on Rotary’s brochure last year.

Lingerie brand Berlei has introduced point-of-sale units created by Oakley Young.

The in-flight TV channel for Virgin Sun, the latest venture from Virgin Holidays, has been created by London design consultancy Static.

International design and research consultancy DEGW is looking for 200 000-300 000 sponsorship to finance a study into the way people in the legal profession worldwide work and occupy space.

Many multimedia consultancies are being established using PCs, rather than Apple computers, according to a new report on IT use from accountant Willott Kingston Smith.

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