Easy does it for Alcatel

As competition mounts in the mobile phone industry, French-based telecoms giant Alcatel Telecom has launched a new Dual Band GSM range.

Designed by Alcatel’s in-house design team and UK consultancy TKO Design, the One Touch Easy DB phones have been created with ‘a strong sense of fashion and modernity’.

With the phones being dual band, people will have improved audio quality and increased versatility, usually exclusive to terminals costing twice as much.

TKO principal and project creative director Andy Davey says the phones, which will go on sale in June, are designed ‘to appeal to the less conventional, more outgoing user who regards their phone as an intimate everyday companion’.

‘The range is an excellent example of European design and technology working together to produce a world-class product, and it includes features targeted at the growing young and first-time user segments of Alcatel’s GSM market,’ Davey maintains.

Users can swap between a Lithium-Ion battery which gives 160 hours standby and four hour’s talktime and three AAA batteries when a charger is unavailable. Weighing 135-150 grams, depending on the type of battery, the phones are available in nine colours or there is a translucent version. They feature a hands-free facility and will be compatible with all UK networks.

Accessories include a car-kit, mini-desktop lighter chargers, antenna kits for use in poor reception areas and a wearable pulsing call indicator for silent incoming calls.

Design: Alcatel Design Centre and TKO Design

Client: Alcatel Telecom

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