James Lambert for Forest of Light

Clerkenwell mix

In London’s Clerkenwell you can’t turn a corner without bumping into a design showroom, studio or practitioner. So the new Clerkenwell Design Week – ’a three-day festival in London’s creative

No limits?

Flexible branding may be an old concept, but multiple platforms and user-generation are adding new possibilities for easily configurable customisation – all it needs to work properly is adequate oversight

True North’s graphic identity for the Queer Up North festival in Manchester, featured on six- sheet and 48-sheet goldcoloured billboards, and on a building wrap

Sheet attitude

Some say big posters represent a dying medium, but their directness and simplicity have long made them a fixture in the world of music and cultural festivals. Anna Richardson looks

Laura Carlin

Profile: Laura Carlin

The irony of the situation won’t be lost on Laura Carlin when she gives a talk about her career in illustration at the Apple Store on London’s Regent Street on


What would you do with the London 2012 Olympic stadium once the games have finished, and why?

Best of the Web

http://tiny.cc/ds25kInformation is Beautiful is a site created by David McCandless – a London-based writer and designer – who looks at facts, ideas and statistics to develop patterns and charts, instead

Not so Smartie

The trend towards super-sizing products fulfils no basic human need, and surely denotes more than a hint of fat-headedness on the part of the designers involved, says Hugh Pearman

Sony’s collaboration with Barber Osgerby at the Milan furniture fair

Leading by design

Pop-up stores, anechoic chambers and sustainable bags are just some of the initiatives being adopted by major brands repositioning themselves to cope with changing markets. Tom Banks investigates these design-led

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