Fit Creative finds ‘catchy’ name for Tri UK disability rebrand

Fit Creative has rebranded and renamed Tri UK, a company that supplies services for deaf and disabled people.

The company will relaunch on 14 May under the name of Appa.

Fit started working with the company in January, after initially being appointed to look its website, according to group director Kara Penn.
Penn says, ’Tri UK has been going for six years and is very well established in its sector. It came to us initially for a website, but we told the company that its brand doesn’t stand up to what it does.’

Penn says the new name was developed through a series of workshops and consultations with staff at the company. She says, ’We wanted to create a catchy name that had no meaning at all.’

Penn says the group and staff at Tri UK both came up with the name Appa at the same time, ’after we’d settled on the sounds we wanted and the fact that we wanted a palindrome’.

She adds, ’We want the word to become used as a verb – to “appa me” will feature on the website.’

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