Reunited – if only the Apple employee had been as lucky

Following news of the Apple employee who apparently left an in-development iPhone in a bar, you asked the question – what is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever lost?

Travelling on the Tube recently, I woke up just in time to see the platform sign flash into sight. Bleary eyed, I leapt towards the closing doors, and just made it. ’Who stopped the music?’ I thought – my headphones were still on my head, but as I looked down I saw that the other end of the lead was attached to the closed doors.

The man standing the other side of the doors, holding my iPhone, looked almost as surprised and helpless as me.

Thankfully, my embarrassment was shortlived – one stop on and a very Good Samaritan was there waiting for me. If only the poor Apple employee had had the same luck.

Ben Christie, Director, Magpie Studio, by e-mail

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