Integrated approach makes life easier

As one of eight best of class design consultants for BAA, we were recently invited to spend a day’s workshop with a representative from all BAA’s retail contractors and its own retail and design teams.

This was an excellent way for everybody to meet and, more specifically, to discuss the best way of working together to achieve the highest results for BAA’s retail projects over the next couple of years.

Each company was allotted time to present themselves and give an insight into how they operate. We spent the afternoon session discussing ways of cost-saving and improving efficiency throughout projects. So, now the aim is for us to consolidate a procedure for working together to ensure the best value, smoothest communications and efficient progression of future proposals.

It would be interesting to know whether other organisations, which run retail projects that require the co-operation of various design and building contractors, have adopted a similar approach to BAA. It will make life easier for everybody and, most importantly, I imagine that the client will see the results of a fully co-ordinated approach reflected in the completed project, including the best use of their budget.

Annabel Wright

Business development manager


London E14

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